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Who's in yours?

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Connecting with your friends should be fun, and with Circles it is! Circles allows you to be... you. Check out our intro below. Better yet, download Circles on the app store for free and tell us what you think.
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Circles in 3 steps

Create a Circle
Your BFFs, soccor team, or vacation squad. You can create a circle for anyone! 👯‍♀️
Add your friends
Not much of a circle if it's only you, so invite your friends to the party and start sharing. 🥳
Share your moments
Photos, videos, and quotes. Share your moments with the people in your Circles. 🎆
01 – Moments

Everything starts with the perfect moment

To share a moment simply upload a picture or video, title it, and pick the perfect color. You can share your moment with however many Circles you'd like :)
02 – Circles

Who's in your Circle?

Make a Circle for any group of people you'd like to share your moments with. Simply tap on new circle, title it, and add your friends. You can make as many as you want.

A Whole New Way to Share Reactions

  • Choose a color for your moment, whatever you'd like
  • Friends can react to your moment with colors too
  • Reactions are mixed to get the moment's mood (bottom right)


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